About us

We are a team located in Germany (Saarland) with about 10 years experience in the Atlassian market and products. We are focuses on developing add-on software for all Atlassian products. Additional we offer special development services and consulting in the area of DevOps.

If you are interested in our products, our services or if you just have questions, problems or ideas, please contact us via our

Help-Desk System

Jira Hooks forBitbucket

Jira Hooks for Bitbucket integrates constraints into the Bitbucket workflow. The defined conditions ensure the integrity of a code change with the associated Jira issue. If a condition is violated (e.g. the issue is not in the correct state), a merge or a push is not allowed. Jira Hooks for Bitbucket thus enables you to support the development process defined in your company with defined rules.

Confluence Hooks for Bitbucket

The add-on "Confluence Hooks for Bitbucket" has the target to map your workflow between Confluence and Bitbucket. Especially from the point of view of development process or also from the point of view of certification bodies, many documents are necessary regarding software development and the quality assurance. It must be ensured that documents are not only available, but also be lived and integrated into the workflow

Smart Commits Checker for Bitbucket

Smart Commits improve the daily work with the Atlassian Stack. However, when using these magic keywords, typos can occur or incorrect values can be given. But once the changes have been published, it will be difficult to change the information again. The wrong information in the commit message can only be corrected with the "force push" option or the related results needs to be changed manually in Jira. Unnecessary, error prone and thanks to "force" also dangerous. The Smart Commit Checker for Bitbucket prevents these errors in advance by detecting many of them. If an error (e.g.typo in transition name) will be detected, a push will be rejected and the wrong commit messages are not pushed.

Smart Commits for Bitbucket

Smart Commits for Bitbucket allows developers to perform special actions on Jira issues and in Bitbucket pull requests. Each commit message can contain magic keywords that define specific actions. These actions are performed when the change sets are announced by a push in Bitbucket. The change sets are examined in terms of keywords and their parameters and, if present, appropriate actions are performed.

Further services for you

Add-on Development

If you have requirements regarding the Atlassian products, which are not fulfilled by default, then it would be a pleasure to support you. We would love to extend the functionality of your Atlassen products JIRA, Confluence, Fisheye, Bitbucket and Bamboo to increase the productivity of your team. 

Please contact our sales team and get a special offer.

Long Term Support

We also support and maintain older and/or customized versions of our products.

Bugfixes and features are always fixed/implemented in the mainline of our products. You are using an older version and still want bugfixes of the mainline but not the features of the mainline? You don't always want to upgrade directly to the latest version?

Then order our "Long Term Support" for a special version and we will maintain this version in your interest and not in the interest of the general public.

Please contact our sales team and get a special offer.

Consulting and Solutions

Based on Atlassian tools we are experts in developing DevOps solutions. The Atlassian product range covers almost all sectors. Through the skillful use of the tools, you gain time to devote more to your core competences. We consult and support you in the implementation or further development of your specific objectives.

Please contact our sales team and get a special offer.